Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

On Friday night I went to a Journey concert with a fun mix of friends.  As my husband put it in an email, I "couldn't name any Journey songs if [I] tried", so it was slightly surprising to him that I went.  Of course I know some Journey songs, but it is accurate that I haven't ever shown much interest in their music (or their strange and intriguing metamorphosis over the past 30 years).

As we sat on a blanket on a really nice August night listening to the epic 80s rock ballads that make Journey famous, I came to the conclusion that they are the perfect go-to music for girls with deployed husbands.  Their music is overwhelmingly positive and upbeat.  They talk of time moving forward and of the importance of a positive self worth.  And of course, whose mood wouldn't be lifted by watching girls with big hair, legwarmers, and blue eyeshadow jamming out to "Open Arms" and "Don't Stop Believin'". 

It is true that Journey's new lead singer, Filipino singer Arnel Pineda, sounds exactly like Steve Perry.  Our entire group froze solid and looked at each other in amazement when he starting to sing.  If you closed your eyes you would have sworn you were listening to a track off of their "Escape" album from the early 80s.  We all found it highly amusing that Neal Schon (lead guitar, vocals since the band was formed in '73) discovered Pineda on YouTube doing covers of Journey songs for his band.  He has been their lead singer for 4 years now.

When my friend Julie bought these tickets several months ago I was excited because I thought it would be a fun way to mark halfway through the deployment.  I seriously cannot believe that in a few days we will (assuming no extensions) be 50% done.  Over the hump.  Downhill from here. (insert your saying here).  The days are flying by right now.  I can feel fall in the distance and am so excited for autumn temperatures, pumpkin spice, Halloween, and college football.

To end this post I give you what I consider one of the best 80's songs out there (and best karaoke tracks available).  Beware, it will be in your head all day long!

And in a nod to my husband's former squadron, the VAW 126 Seahawks, I give you their "we're bored on deployment and need a creative outlet" version of "The Wheel in the Sky".  The guy in the blonde wig was at the concert with me on Friday (though, without his wig which was disappointing).  As you can tell from the airplane, "wheel in the sky" takes on a whole new meaning for Hawkeye peeps.


Fairweather New Englander said...

I saw them last Friday in MA! I agree that they are a very fun show for a group of girls (our group had 10 girls and 1 guy,) and one of the girl's SO is in Afghanistan. Did you catch Foreigner opening up for them? We highly highly enjoyed I Wanna Know What Love Is.

Hi, I'm Jill!

Hi, I'm Jill!
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