Tuesday, August 16, 2011

F Word(s)

This past weekend I took a flight to Florida.  Saw lots of friends.  Had tons of fun.  Ate tons of food.  Get it?  Oh, you were wishing for a post full of F bombs?  Well, I'm sure there will be one soon enough (especially with my mom going home next week... eeek), but for now all F stands for is fabulous.

My wonderful mother watched Kate and Connor and I took a flight to Florida for an extended weekend.  I stayed with my friend Amanda and saw lots of old friends from our college days.  One of the great things about marrying your high school sweetheart is that there is no "his" friends or "my" friends - they are all "our" friends.  Not everyone would understand why I would fly to Florida solo for John's old USNA roommate's wedding.  But these are people I have known for 12 years now and who I love like family.  I knew that if I had any way of getting to the party wedding that I was going to be there.  If you know me you know that I love a good party reunion!

The wedding was beautiful.  The bride did a fabulous job with everything - good food, beautiful flowers, great band, perfect venue.  She looked glowing and gorgeous and there was a nice buzz in the air.  I haven't been to a wedding in awhile (it has been baby shower and birthday parties galore around here lately) and I felt like a dorky geezer walking around going "wow.. they didn't have this when I got married"...  I sounded like the old ladies in my neighborhood who always comment on my stroller or diaper bag and how they had "nothing so amazing as this when" they were a young mom. 

It might sound bad, but it was really nice to miss my kids for a few days.  I was so so so happy to get home and snuggle with them on Sunday night.  But having an opportunity to see my friends, have adult conversation, drink several glasses of champagne without worrying about caring for my kids with a hangover, shop without a stroller, eat meals without highchairs, read alone on my flight, etc was very nice.  Luxurious even.

Here is one picture of our group:

Thanks for being great hosts, K and B!  Best wishes for many happy decades together!



Lori said...

What a stunning group!!!!!! So glad you had a great time...no doubt K and C were in great hands, so good for you!!!! TOTALLY get friends being family!!! xoxoxo

sanctimomious said...

You look great, Jill! xx

Hi, I'm Jill!

Hi, I'm Jill!
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