Saturday, June 18, 2011

On the Run

Back when Connor was born in November I set a goal that I would run another 1/2 marathon before his first birthday.  This was was a pretty big and ambitious goal because I was at the end of my second "modified bed rest" pregnancy in 2 years.  I had gained over 80 pounds between trying to get pregnant (thanks fertility drugs, stress eating, and depression) and staying pregnant (no exercise or even walking around the mall). 

If you read my post on my first month of deployment you will remember that I said I really needed to get my butt in gear with the exercise.  I will give myself some props in the diet department.  I have lost 73 pounds since Connor was born all thanks to diet and nursing and running around being a mommy of two crazy babies.  But now the hard part comes in...  I am signed up to run the Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon on September 4th.  Not only have I signed up, but I told the world on Facebook (which, ya know, means that I HAVE to do it or suffer FB shame), and family is coming into town to run with me and/or babysit.  I'm committed.

So this week I finally went and joined the YMCA.  It is getting hotter and hotter here and the prospect of doing long runs in the stroller is diminishing.  While stroller runs are good exercise, I don't want to cook my kiddos.  Yesterday was our first outing to the Y.  I was a little nervous because as social as my children are, you never know how they are going to react to a new daycare setting.  When we walked into the "Stay and Play" room, Kate was off to the races.  With all of the colorful toys and other kids her age around it was as if I had disappeared.  She yelled "bye mommy!" and dove into the first tunnel she could get to.  Connor was handed over to the infant side and happily went into an exersaucer.  When I peaked in on them after 30 minutes Connor had one of the daycare workers to himself and was eating up all of the attention.

I got a good run in.  In silence (I didn't even bring my iPod - I just wanted SILENCE).  In air conditioning.  Knowing my kids were right next door and having fun with new toys and people.  Life was good.

Monday starts my official training through Hal Higdon's program.  Tuesday starts Kate's first swimming lessons.  I think I will basically be living at the YMCA for the next few months.  As I continue this journey to getting back in "running shape" I will probably have some ups and downs.  I'll keep this blog updated and HOPEFULLY be able to blog about completing my goal of running 13.1 miles September 4th. 

3 comments: said...

You're such an inspiration! I haven't run a half yet, the longest I've done is a 10K and that was before baby. And good for you for being so determined to get into awesome shape after baby. Unfortunately, it seems some women sacrifice their health and well-being, using the excuse "Well, I am a mom now so I am not supposed to be thing and in shape."

We thinking about joining the Y because the temps here around about 105-110 in the summer and the post gym doesn't have childcare. Your post prompted me to tell Clay that we're going to visit it today to see if it will meet our needs. :)

Happy running!


Jenni Stearns said...

Happy training! You're going to do awesome! I'm glad everyone is coming down for it because they'll be able to tell your kids about it (when they are old enough to understand how long a half marathon is) and your kids will be able to hear from everyone how awesome you are!

I did a full last year, and my only piece of advice would be to add a couple days a week of plyometric/weight training to replace running. I started with Hal Higdon and toward the end I cut down the mid week "longish" runs and increased my weight training. I didn't experience the fatigue that my running partner did during the race...and she easily ran more miles than me. I think the weight training really helped me.

Anyway, I know you've done this before but I never would have thought that weights would have been that much of a help so I try and pass it along when I can.

Love the blog, Jill! You rock (& roll, apparently! :))

Pamela said...

Good luck! I've lost the baby weight but my body is a bit...different..than it used to be. I love working out and I know once I get back into a regular schedule it will make me feel great, it's just taking that first step and getting past the newborn fatigue! It's awesome that the Y there has such a great childcare center!

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Hi, I'm Jill!
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