Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cupcake Rejection

The past few days have been really crazy.  I have been avoiding even writing a blog post because I don't know where to begin.

One of my best friends from my Villanova days flew into Norfolk on Friday and spent the holiday weekend with us.  It was awesome to see her and we had a great time.  On Saturday she and I went to the beach and laid under an umbrella with our Kindles and conversation.  It was the first time in several years that I have fallen asleep on the beach (hello sunburn!) and it was perfection.  Saturday night was spent at Chick's Oyster Bar in Virginia Beach drinking Crushes and eating seafood.

Chick's Oyster Bar, Virginia Beach, VA

Sunday was Kate's birthday and we tried to celebrate by giving her every opportunity to eat sugar.  Kate hasn't been feeling very well so our attempts were met with temper tantrums at every turn. My friend had brought us red velvet cupcakes from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ (the "Cake Boss" of TLC fame) and Kate wouldn't even eat that!  I posted last Friday about her doctor's appointment and lack of a diagnosis...  well, when my kiddo wouldn't even eat a cupcake, I knew that things weren't good.  We tried to fill Sunday with her favorite things - a trip to the splash pad at the Botanical Garden, dinner at a restaurant where she loves the pasta, and dessert at a frozen yogurt bar.  NOTHING made her happy.  It was an exhausting day and I was quickly becoming more and more unnerved.  My friend was doing mental math and making a note in her calendar to refill her birth control prescription.

My friend flew home on Monday morning and we spent the 4th of July in the back yard playing with some of Kate's new birthday gifts.  She wasn't too unhappy and was generally quiet and composed.  We had a few tough moments but I kept thinking that maybe it is just teething and maybe there is something to this "terrible twos" thing and maybe I should stop worrying.  Monday night I went out to another friend's house to watch fireworks (which turned out to be just a crazy lighting storm - fireworks canceled) and drink a little wine.

This morning things changed.  I woke up to the sound of Kate sobbing in her crib.  She never cries in the morning.  When I went to get her she was completely beside herself.  She wouldn't let go of me and I took her back into my bed.  About 30 minutes later Connor woke up and I had to go get him out of his crib.  Kate was not having it.  She threw the mother of all tantrums when I picked Connor up.  If you know Kate you know this is 100% out of character.  Enough was enough so I called the doctor again.  About an hour later we were on our way to the hospital. Again.

To make a long story short, Kate has strep.  I will just say that I am completely devastated that my daughter suffered all weekend after going to the doctor on Friday.  I am very disappointed that my doctor felt invasive tests like catheterizing my daughter was appropriate last week but that a simple strep swab was not.  That when I went in today that I was met with a lot of raised eyebrows.  They thought I was a nutty overprotective mom (even though Kate has never been on antibiotics before and has only been to the doctor two times outside of her well baby appointments).  I had to beg for a strep test and when it came back positive FINALLY was met with some vindication.  As terrible as it sounds, I was thrilled to have a diagnosis and a prescription to treat the problem.  I am not crazy, my "mom instinct" is correct, and I guess I need to advocate a little harder for my children in the future.

Here's to the antibiotics doing their job and getting my sweet, happy, and fun loving little girl back.  The one that would have devoured that red velvet cupcake in 5 minutes.


mygoalissimple.com said...

Ugh, how awful. I am glad that Kate is on the mend but I can't imagine how frustrating the entire experience was for you. Chick's Oyster Bar looks yum!


Melissa said...

Can't wait to see my munchkins!!! Happy that Kate will be feeling better.

Jenni Stearns said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry Kate was sick, it's so hard when you're alone to do normal kid wrangling, and a sick kid is even more difficult! I'm glad you survived, keep it up!

Hi, I'm Jill!

Hi, I'm Jill!
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