Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Wicked Rainout

Unfortunately, the 10K I was going to run with my kids last Friday didn't happen.  The race was a rain or shine event, but running with a stroller doesn't allow for much rain or wind.  I wish John was home so I could have gone and ran the 10K alone and gotten to people watch and eat chili and drink beer.  But alas, we ended up dry and warm and hanging out at the mall play area instead.  There is always next year, right?

Halloween was a mixed day.  The morning started with our first ever trip to the ER.  Connor went mouth-first into the coffee table and tore his vestibule (skin between top of teeth and lip).  Blood was everywhere and I was insanely freaked out that he had chipped or loosened his front teeth.  Luckily, it looked a lot more scary than he was.  It was a short ER trip - checked in at about 10:15 and discharged by 11 with directions to just keep an eye on it and make sure he stayed hydrated (I guess some babies don't like to eat when they injure their mouths).  In Connor's case, it will take a lot more than a cut mouth to stop him from eating!

Trick or treating was fun!  We live in a great neighborhood and everyone gets really excited for the holiday.  Kate enjoyed lugging around her pumpkin bucket and blowing kisses at the strangers giving her candy.  I was proud of her for walking the whole way and understanding I couldn't carry her.  Connor was still a little grumpy from his rough morning so I carried him in the Ergo all night long.  She is becoming such a good helper and big sister. 

The only other news from the past few days is that I finally entered the 21st century and bought an iPhone.  Ohmygod where have you been all my life?  And what the heck took me so long?  I love it and cannot get enough of the fun apps - especially "words with friends" (I thankfully have a lot of geeky friends to play with) and the Sanda Boynton board book "Moo Ba La La La".  Genius. 


Karen said...

I'll have to check out the Moo Ba La La La app. Weston has just started to use some apps on my iPhone. I don't play Words with Friends but Clay and I always play each other on the Scrabble app. It is great when he is TDY. Haha!

Melissa said...

You probably could have asked Siri if you needed to go to the ER ;) J/K

Hi, I'm Jill!

Hi, I'm Jill!
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