Saturday, February 4, 2012

Training training training...

Also could be called "Zumb-arassment"

For some reason, on days where I have had too much sleep, a strong cup of coffee, and have had a decent workout I get the crazy urge to sign up for things like half marathons and mud runs.  Of course, six hours later after the caffeine has worn off and the endorphins from my workout are long gone I stare at the online training programs and wonder what I was thinking.  I guess the good news is I have never had a cup of coffee strong enough (or gotten drunk enough) to sign up for a full marathon.  I pray I always stay sane enough not to pay to run 26.2 miles.

John and I are running the Virginia Beach Anthem Half Marathon in March, and unlike my experience with the Rock 'n Roll in August, I am actually training for it.  No more running 13.1 miles cold.  I'm getting old and my body just can't handle that.  So if Becky decides to surprise me again (I WISH!) I will be ready this time!  We "ran" the whole 13 miles last summer... but those quotations are important because I think our pace could have been matched by someone walking fast-ish.  She has been my best friend since we were 15, so she was kind and "ran" the whole way with me.  But I know her well enough to realize that she barely got a workout that day.

To supplement my running I have started Zumba.  It helps cure the monotony of treadmills and the loneliness of long morning runs.  Zumba is hilarious.  As my friend Theresa so eloquently stated, I probably look like a "bull dog having a seizure" (she actually said that is what she looks like, but I'm sure I look similar).  I'm not a dancer, have never been a cheerleader, and most certainly am not Latina.  So my rhythm and dance skills are veeeeeeery limited.  But it is FUN.  And I love the music and working out for an hour with a bunch of other girls trying to channel their inner Shakira.  It has also helped me a lot with my distance endurance.  Anyone who has started training for distance runs knows how hard the first few weeks are because your legs feel like tree trunks and you can't get into that runners trance where you can go forever.  It is a struggle.  Zumba has helped me get over that hump. 

So lately, my routine is running 4x per week and Zumba 2x per week.  I feel like I am in better shape today than I have been in years.  My kids also enjoy the stroller runs (which, by the way, are very difficult) and my 2 year old tells me when I slow down too much.  You know that when your 2 year old is heckling you that you better pick up the pace.

On that note, I'm off for a run.  43 days to go!


Angie said...

Good luck! I could never run that far. My mom ran over 30 marathons in her life, and I have no clue how she did it. I can barely go a mile on a treadmill.

Lori said...


I am so lazy.

You rock.

I suck.

I'd claim it was because I'm old, but I was lazy when I was younger too!

Two Moms said...

That is awesoeme. I would love to just be able to run a mile without stopping. LOL But in my defense I have had double knee surgery. I tried Zumba and I probably look just like your friend said "bull dog having a seizure". <~~~~totally me.

Hi, I'm Jill!

Hi, I'm Jill!
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